Journey video draft


Journey of Birds


I have this idea of filming the journey of birds, the journey of them surviving in this city life. This is a compilations of several clips that i took without much editing…yet. I wanted to show their daily life and also how they congregate and go through journey of their daily routine? Since birds do always go back to the same things. It seems like they kind of have a fix programme in their body?

Additional footages (which i will upload soon):

_Orchard street, flying home

_Love birds, pigeons

_Morning, all gathered at one place

//Needs some serious help here(ŏ﹏ŏ。)//

Experiment is part of a Journey


I wanted to take photos of my travelling journey.

I was able to take the train from jurong east to tiong bahru today and i thought it would be good to start experimenting with some things. I really liked the “system” photo taking. What i did here was to take photos when i reach every station. As the journey continued, i realised that there were alot of interesting and pretty shadows caused by the sun and also the sun itself which integrated into my photo taking.

This video is a simple compilation of the photos taken.