Zodiac (wo)man & Visualising Taste Postcard

20170126_150912(Fern Fronds Postcard)20170126_150950(Dulse Seaweed)

Week 3: Visualising Taste Postcard
Imaging myself being a scientist, dissecting the information and plotting it into a “scientific” graph.

20170126_15044720170127_113258(2nd Attempt)20170126_150526(First attempt)

Week 2: Zodiac Man postcard
I started off with drawing a girl- myself, however, I decided to redo another piece to make it more fun and interesting.

My zodiac (wo)man is presented in the constellations of the Sagittarius. The stars are replaced by a different icon which represents the different aspect of me. At the middle of the postcard is a heart, which represents what I treasured the most, and it is linked to my family and home. While at the right side, there is a small universe, which represents the element that is revolving around my world– design. On the left side, highlighted in pink is the hobby which I love to do– art and craft.

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