Healtea Final

Everyone loves bubble tea due to its taste; refreshing sweetness and chewy texture. A survey was conducted to find out how much Singaporeans know about bubble tea and how many cups of bubble tea they drink on a weekly basis. Results showed that Singaporeans are over-consuming bubble tea and are unaware of the consequence, which included diabetes, kidney damages and cancer.

Having been alert to this problem, I decided to bring forward my project by working on a healthy bubble tea brand where only healthy ingredients are used.

Healtea, a healthy bubble tea which heals people.

The research, result of the survey and the comparison between Healtea and bubble tea are being presented in the form of a menu.

Many Bubble tea store uses powdered creamer, condensed milk and sugar which are unhealthy for the consumer. Hence for Healtea, we will be provided various healthy choices for the consumer to choose from such as different type of milk, sugar and toppings. The benefit of each choices are stated in the menu to educate our consumer. Arrowroots are also being used to replace tapioca pearls to maintain it’s chewy texture but with lower sugar level and higher amount of vitamin.


Healtea’s menu
Providing consumer several choices to choose from.

Healtea’s membership card

Healtea Badges

Healtea’s coaster
Normal Bubble tea store usually uses plastic cup and straw which is not recyclable and it also contains chances of leaching chemical into the drink. Hence Healtea uses glass cup and metal straw which is recyclable and safer.

By purchasing healtea’s tumbler, member will be able to receive discount off their drink, which helps to cut down on plastic wastage and also helps to build on consumer habit of bringing their own containers around.



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