Stress Level

Week 8-9: How stress am I?
This 2 weeks activity is to tracking my stress level. It is a perfect time to track this subject as we are having our recess week and right after recess week is when all of our assignment are due.

I categories it into several sections including my mood, the reason I am being stressed, the timeline from 1 week before recess week to after recess week and how emergency the situation are.

1 week before recess week is the period of time where I need to go for my Internship interview hence I am feeling slightly happy and anxious.

During recess week is when everything started to escalate, it entered into the purple zone where I felt nervous and anxious as I am getting closer to the dateline of my assignment and feeling sense of emergency. This is the point where my stress up shot up.

Tracking Wastage

Week 7: Tracking of Wastage
This week activity is to track the amount of wastage within a week, including the wastage of Food, Paper, Battery, Ez-line card fees and also Time and Energy.

The reasons of wastage are stated beside the wastage, telling a story of how it is being “wasted”.

Example of a story:
Wastage of my handphone battery: I tended to waste a lot of my handphone battery during my trip to school by using social media, listening to music and texting my friends. This also lead to the wastage of my energy, as I could have sleep during the 1.5hours trip to school, but I decided to spend it on social media instead.




Week 6: Social Media, When am I online?
This week activity is to track the amount of time which I am on social media. Usually when I am travelling or in school, I will be on Instagram, Whatsapp and sometimes on Snapchat. However, when I reached home, youtube will be running for most of the time.

This willow tree represents my tree of social media, with a mini weird creature sitting in the middle of the tree (me). The branches branched out from the laptop and hanging on the branches is the social media data.

6e 6d 6f

Tracking Water

5a 5b 5Week 5: Tracking Water
For this week, I have tracked the water which I have consumed. The locations were classified according to the pattern inside the flower pedal, the colour represents the favour of the drink and the orange leaves referred to the date.

If you are wondering what does bitter and salty flavour referred to! 😀
Green (Bitter) – Herbal Tea
Yellow (Salty) – Miso Soup

Visualising Sound

20170127_165324 20170127_165314Week 4: Visualizing Sound, Stimmhorn – Triohatala
Using a different color to represent the different lyric, the length of the color to represent the pitch, icons to shows the duration and pattern for emotion, finally, I am able to compile the entire song into a postcard. 😀

20170127_163602Above: The Process of creating the data, lots of trial and error, but it was fun!

Zodiac (wo)man & Visualising Taste Postcard

20170126_150912(Fern Fronds Postcard)20170126_150950(Dulse Seaweed)

Week 3: Visualising Taste Postcard
Imaging myself being a scientist, dissecting the information and plotting it into a “scientific” graph.

20170126_15044720170127_113258(2nd Attempt)20170126_150526(First attempt)

Week 2: Zodiac Man postcard
I started off with drawing a girl- myself, however, I decided to redo another piece to make it more fun and interesting.

My zodiac (wo)man is presented in the constellations of the Sagittarius. The stars are replaced by a different icon which represents the different aspect of me. At the middle of the postcard is a heart, which represents what I treasured the most, and it is linked to my family and home. While at the right side, there is a small universe, which represents the element that is revolving around my world– design. On the left side, highlighted in pink is the hobby which I love to do– art and craft.

Bubble Tea Postcard

20170127_113238 20170127_11340820170113_110239
Week 1: A Bubble Tea Postcard
by Tiffanie and Shi Hui
Being really curious about our class’s preference and drinking habit of bubble tea, the two of us decided to go around the class to conduct a mini-survey. This survey was based on answered queries of the preferred brand of bubble tea, the respective sugar level, as well as the frequency it was consumed within a week.

We decided to keep the design minimalistic, representing a cup of bubble tea simply. The interpretation of the bubbles is determined by its colour to show the preferred sugar level, with the bubbles being clustered together for easy readability. Despite their varied proportions, the bubble size does not affect the result of the statistic, but rather makes it more interesting.