Final Esmeralda

The City of Esmeralda

Have you ever traveled to the City of Esmeralda?

Let me tell you what I have discovered in that invisible city…

Esmeralda is a city filled with all sorts of mysterious creatures, with different jobs and characteristic. If you ever have a chance to explore the City of Esmeralda, remember that different zones in Esmeralda come with different rules and cultures. While some zones are open to the public, many are marked as protected and you are not allowed to enter without permission. Beware of where you are going and who you talk to. Some places and creatures are extremely dangerous.

I have recorded down what I have encountered during the journey and hope that it can help you to navigate and be more aware of what is going on in the City of Esmeralda.

Esmeralda are divided into several zones and indicated in the map is the method to travel to each zones.

After traveling to each zones in Esmeralda, I have recorded how each of them looked like on a postcard and jotted down what I have encountered at the back of each postcard.

Creation of Esmeralda

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The process of creating the City of Esmeralda.

Colour Exploration

The creation of Esmeralda’s animal and region