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  1. If the link hotspots in Youtube is not working, you may send me or upload the individual segments to me. You may also string them together to form one single video.

  2. I have watched all the segments you sent – congrats on completing the story and all the branches for the decision making points. In general, the videos lack a certain continuity that I am looking for. Some panels or most of them are going to fast it is hard to understand what’s going on sometimes. It is also hard to understand the setting (location) as well – you must have a blueprint in your mind or drawn out so you may have a rough idea how to place your camera and so forth. In your case, it would be great to have more research done to help you visualise and time your sequences – that I have mentioned during the feedback sessions – you need to imagine yourself like a camera – you could even build a mini set to help you plan the shots too. I hope through this exercise you have acquired some experience in handling a storyboard and planning an animatic.

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