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  1. In this technology driven society and world, adults are deeply addictive to their smart devices such as their phone, they pay very little attention to their surroundings and even to their own children. Parents rely heavily on a gadget to keep their children at bay; the gadget generates an invisible hauling cable attached to their children to prevent them from wandering too far off; if so the child will be hauled back to the side of the parent. A glitch of the device causes a child to be lost and when the parent is asked how his or her own child look like, he or she cannot remember how the child look like. (And when the child is finally found with the help of local authority and friend or a IT man, the parent decide to ditch the cable and look at the child in the eyes and appreciate the presence of the loved one).

    I assumed how the story would end – the para in the bracket. This should sum up the story. Please change according to what you have in mind.

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