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Project Brief

Document time in any form of your choice and showcase a manipulation of time.


My Theme




My thinking process



I decided to make a video collage with cooking and eating scenes as it has a chronological order.


The word “hunger” reminds me of a Korean movie, Burning (2018), which brings the concept of  “little hunger” and “great hunger”:

Little Hunger is when someone is physically hungry. And Great Hunger is when a person yearns for the bigger answers, like the meaning of life.

From <https://morganawyong.com/2018/06/29/burning-movie-review/>

And I wanted to incorporate this idea into the video as well, so that it will not only be cooking and eating food but also something else.

It can be anything, as long as it suits someone’s desire and makes one “hungry” for it.

With that, I decided to use some clips which have similar motion as the normal cooking process and combine them together.



Methods to manipulate time

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As I am new to Premiere, I would like to try out all the methods and learn it along the way.



Possible resources


As I can imagine that I will need A LOT of different resources, I had list down some of the different choices which I can get the clips and sounds I want, and try to have a variety of clips and sounds(and hope I can sleep early).



Preparing food: working hard for the outcome.

Eating food: Hungry, urgent to get something

As I used many clips in this video, and from each, meanings can be derived. For example, sharpening pencil & flipping book symbolised willing towards learning and writing, ballet dancer symbolised the desire to dance and performing etc. Hence, I decided not to display a fixed meaning of each clip but instead leave it for the viewers.



I felt I’ve spend tooooo much time on this project, especially when I was searching for a suitable clip among all the resources.

 But I would say that it’s worthy as I enjoy the process of editing clips and sound, and learning how to make transitions (although I didn’t get to use most of them)!! 

And I learnt that sometimes when I have too many ideas I need to make a choice to sacrifice some (although there are many elements still).


It feels good to create something which I like to watch and I wish you do too. > <


Video and audio used (including but not limited to):

A Bite of China/ Spirited Away/ Ratatouille/ Tom and Jerry/ Your Name/ Howl’s Moving Castle/ Fantastic Mr Fox/ Adventures in Fiesta TV Advert etc.

ENCORE – Zagor


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