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Although the way to get high is tough, the process is still enjoyable and we won’t be always falling, so don’t give up.



Game recording-> the one which I am quite familiar with and allows me to have great control over it -> able to do many things


Game recording + editing of Human Fall Flat

  • Interesting game with the freedom to control actions
  • Adorable character design and physics


We won’t be falling – Xueran Chen

  • Aroused, like a movie score, which creates contrast with the style of the character
  • The song name also create contrast with the name of the game (we won’t be falling VS. Human fall flat)
  • BGM of my favourite actor’s show(Guardian, 2018) lol       



  • Play the game & record it -> I completed all levels last year hence there was no need for me to explore it in the first place
  • Choice of level
    • Mountain -> relative easy and can convey the theme of falling as there are many climbings needed in this level

  • Character design
    • Default model -> the situation in the video can be applied to anyone
    • The abstract pattern of my name on the back -> I am the one playing for now 

  • At first I recorded me playing several different levels, but in the end still decided to only focus on Mountains as it makes the video clearer in showing the theme
  • Editing->take those representative clips, reorder them and use time-remapping to suit the music



  • Linear narrative
    • Start(falling)-> moving towards-> climbing & falling -> climbing -> falling -> finally succeed -> falling 
  • Generally low but accelerating intensity while climbing
  • Duration
    • At first I used the full timing of the song, afterwards, I removed some repeated lyrics as I changed some of the clips from other levels.
    • But still based on the song
  • Interactivity
    • the audience can be anyone 
    • Cognitive interactivity -> let’s watch together
    • Artist/Designer-centered Interactivity -> it was a recording of me playing the game
    • Nominal Participation -> wish the audiences could feel relatable and reflect after watching the video
    • If anyone is interested in the game maybe we can play the game together afterwards??

Thanks for reading!

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