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MOMA Sound Art Museum

MOMA installed a 1961 sound art work by Yoko Ono in its atrium.  It consisted of a live standing microphone and some extremely loud amplifiers. Anyone passing through the atrium was invited to stand in front of the mike and follow the instructions in the title: that is, scream. The piece stayed in place for months, turning the museum into a sonic hell. The sounds of silence and natural ambiance to create this effect.

The wall have been designed by putting more than 250 speakers that produces the noise that has been recorded by the instrument. the speakers come together to produce a sound very much closer to detonation.


This is a video of how silence has been incorporated into films to create certain atmospheres and engaging sequences. This shows how vital and essential sound is to media art, in this case film.

Martin Scorsese, a famous composer has used silence to build up emotions and the video depicts and breaks down what effect silence has on the audience in numerous films that he did.

The lack of sound is a very abstract and unique part of sound that has not been ventured by a lot of people which makes it very interesting when it’s done with a purpose.


Artist: Yoko Ono


Artist: Martin Scorsese



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