Project 2 – Image, Sound, Memory (10 Images with Sound)



Above is my project for Project 2.

I personally struggled a lot with this project as i felt that it was very difficult meshing 2 different mediums together to try and make them cohesive. To make the sound and images add up together to paint a scene or a feeling for an audience, it was really challenging to me as I have not dabbled in the area of sound.

With my project, I wanted to create an ambience and to allow for the audience to feel what I felt and hear what I heard on my dates with my girlfriend. To me, it need not necessarily be about me sharing my story of my dates, but rather, I would have preferred for the audience to look at the pictures, listen to the sounds and picture their own dates or picture themselves being in my shoes, and the kind of intricate feelings that came along with innocuous sounds such as the clinking of glass or the cracking of eggs.

To me, sound has a very unique way of speaking to different people differently. Each individual has their own emotional tag that they attach to an individual sound; a person with hydrophobia might not like the sound of crashing waves, whereas a surfer would love to hear the sound of waves. Even though the image may not be there, sound is a powerful enough medium for emotions and memories to be evoked and I feel that in that way, sound is a really powerful medium.

In retrospect, with regards to this project I feel that a narrative or a direction of sorts for this project would have gone a long way. Perhaps in my choice of sounds I failed to consider the fact that the audience may just end up being lost and not knowing what to feel or look at, should my sounds not be convincing or strong enough to invoke any kind of memory or thought.

However, I did enjoy the process of being able to experiment with different layers of sound and attempting to create an ambience that correlates to the picture that I display.

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