Micro-Project 03 – Tele-Drift

Posted by Kai Ting on Wednesday, 31 January 2018

In this micro-project, I worked with Jia Ying and we created “Draw Together”. “Draw Together” allows participants to draw with someone else and as they draw, they have to achieve their end goal together; to complete the entire drawing by contributing half of it. At the start, we determine what to draw by contributing a word each. Eg. “Fat” and “Cat”. Depending on the words written by one person, the drawing varies. The outcome would then be a collective drawing by both.

In this case, the third space for us would be the drawing itself. Most of the time, we were focusing more on connecting the drawing rather than the movement and coordination of our hands. Although it might be a good idea, we realised that one of us is left-handed. Thus, we could only choose between – bad hand coordination or a scribbly cat drawn by someone who didn’t use their master hand. On the bright side, as the drawing looked pretty similar and complete, it looked as if the drawing was a piece itself rather than in entirely different locations.

The first person point of view used, in this case, created more intimacy throughout. As compared to having a camera placed from afar and looking at it from a third person’s perspective, this first person’s perspective helped to achieve an intimate and natural look; as though the viewer is looking at him/herself drawing.

Based on the examples shown in class, Guilty Landscapes (2016) by Dries Verhoeven and Telematic Dreaming (1993) by Paul Sermon, I felt that the projected visuals were key to creating an impactful third space in real time as they connected people and had more involvement.

Jia Ying and I faced some challenges while we were doing this micro-project. Other than the left-handed issue, we initially wanted to play tic-tac-toe on paper using the split screen. However, due to the split screen, we could not plot the Xs and Os across the other screen. Also, it could be interesting if the canvas filled the entire video space and there were more than 2 participants. With this, participants are able to connect their drawings not just side by side, but from all sides. Nonetheless, this micro-project was an interesting one to work on.



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