FYP Project: Kindness


Another topic that interests me is about kindness. I aspire to be a kinder person as I grow older. By being kind to others, I hope that the people around me will be affected, and they can spread the kindness to other people as well.

By the way, I did a project about sharing love to others, targeted to university freshmen back when I was in year 2. Check out the project here: Bud: share love to each other

WGSN: Clean Eating


See the presentation here:



Clean eating is the food movement of our time. With its focus on plant-based foods, natural growing methods and unprocessed preparation, the trend has transcended its hashtag to become an aspirational but highly accessible way of life for consumers around the world. The superfoods of the moment – cold-pressed juices, chia seeds, ancient grains, kale, matcha and charcoal, to name a few – have become shorthand (and sweatshirt slogans) for investing time, effort and money in wellness, the new consumer status symbol. This report explores the consumer priorities, product launches and cultural influencers that are currently driving clean eating, as well as looking at what’s next for the trend.

DR-Ntu: An overview of research methods in visual communication design education

An overview of research methods in visual communication design education
The article presents a review of studies done on research in visual communication design education. According to reviews, the design practice in visual communication design education has shifted from an emphasis on training in traditional vocational courses to a focus on research being integral to the course; this prompted this article to examine the use of research in postgraduate and undergraduate programs and evaluate the debate over research methods applicable to the field. This article includes a brief definition of visual communication design, an overview of commonly used methods for visual communication design education such as Action Research and Reflective Practice, as well as an outline of research emphasis in visual communication design at postgraduate level. In addition, this article provides a brief overview on the nature of problem in undergraduate studies, such as lack of appropriate models of research practice in visual communication design education, and also the need for early training in the research discipline for visual communication in undergraduate studies.
Yeo, Jesvin Puay-Hwa
Date of Issue