News coverage of migrant workers in Singapore


Efforts that have been taken to improve the lives of migrant workers in recent years, as compiled by TODAY:

Through her interactions with the foreign workers, Ms Sim notes that many have sought help from the NGOs (non-governmental organisations). “The Government, the unions, and NGOs have done their fair bit,” she says. “So (now) it’s for Singaporean individuals to know what role they can play… to show basic respect for another individual and better co-exist together.”

An MOM (Ministry of Manpower) spokesperson says the ministry is “heartened by various efforts from the different groups showing their appreciation towards these workers”.

She adds: “Some Singaporeans have also reached out to some of these workers in their own ways through various ground-up initiatives throughout the year, or by volunteering their time with NGOs.”

Stories of migrant workers:

Thought for FYP:

How to encourage the public to have more respect towards the hardworking migrant workers? What are the ways to do so?