Final Project: After Credit (Group 2)



Problem (1): Currently, many cinemas in Singapore simply use existing fire exit lo lead movie goers back to the shopping mall. These exit usually are long and monotonous corridor with no indication of destination. This leads to some degree of anxiety and frustration when movie goers end up at a destination much further than they would like to.

Problem (2): After watching a movie, sometimes we still have a feeling that we are still in the fiction world. For example, after watching a dance movie, I feel like I want to dance afterwards. The end seems to be abrupt when movie goers suddenly enters a boring corridor to exit the cinema. How could we ease this transition as the movie watchers get out of the movie hall (fiction) to the shopping mall (real world)?



The project aims to improve the final part of a movie watching experience that is usually overlooked: the exit. Improvements are made in 2 ways: (1) provide an aid for way finding and (2) creates a smoother transition from the movie to the real world.

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