Interview #2


A. Field Trip

Location: Buona Vista MRT
Time: 7:10pm – 9:20pm
Movie: NA

B. Interview #2

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Participant: Male, 23. Research Assistant.

  1. When is your most recently watched movie? Which movie?
    I watched a movie three months ago at JEM (Jurong East Mall)
  2. Do you have any cinema preference and why?
    Nope, as all of them are same condition.
  3. What are the factors that you think are important for a cinema?
    The comfort level of the places and type of films which are shown.
  4. What do you usually do after watching a movie?
    Just to “reflect” the whole story and try to think any values gotten from the movies
  5. Do you stay back for after credits?
    For some movies yes
  6. How do you feel (emotionally and physically) after watching a movie?
    Usually I felt satisfied and amazed emotionally while physically I need to go to the toilet to have a pee after being in cold room.
  7. How do you feel about the exit hall post movie?
    For the place that I go after I exit from the movie theatre, I think that the condition is quite confusing because other than the people in front of me, I would not know about the direction because the sign is very minimum, if I am not mistaken.
  8. Do you think that it is important to exit at public transport place, like bus stop or MRT station?
    It’s not preferable for me, myself, because after I come out from the theatre, most the time, I will seek toilet or do shopping before going out of the mall to the bus stop.
  9. If you can change something about the exit hall, what would you like to change?
    It would be great if the exit gate could direct us directly to the mall without the labyrinth. I want to exit to the mall because it will give me clearer direction and it will give us more comfortable condition after we spend a lot of time in that movie. The mall has aircon, while the labyrinth is hot, and with a lot of people going through the exit hall together, the condition is not very good. If we are exposed to the mall directly, it would be better.
  10. What do you usually do in the exit hall?
    I will reflect about the story and make some judgements about the movie whether it is good, interesting, or even boring. It’s all in my mind, or if sometimes I watch with my friends, I can talk to my friends about that.
  11. How do you feel about the following ideas to improve the exit hall?
    a. Navigation to be displayed on walls
    That’s a good idea.

b. After credits / new movie trailers screened on walls
Too long for people to wait after that…, not a good idea.

c. Simple rating system for viewers to express their feeling about the movie
I can’t see the point for that. I don’t think viewers will be interested for that



Just give clearer explanation for the navigation compared to this current condition.


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