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I paired up with Hazmi Hasan and Amanda Lu in my Issue Project. We had Pulau Ubin Shoreline Erosion as our focus this time. Hence, we planned a field trip to Pulau Ubin in 9 February 2016.

Upon arriving there, we were surprised to know that Noordin campsite has been closed for more than a year due to erosion!

From our research, we know that waves primarily cause coastal erosion, which may take the form of long-term losses of sediment and rocks, or temporary redistribution of coastal sediments. However, extra waves that are caused by ferries also make the erosion happen even faster.


Here are some news we found online about Pulau Ubin shoreline erosion:

DV3008 VC 4 Issues

Trees are affected by this erosion:

DV3008 VC 4 Issues Implication

To tackle this problem, we have some solutions:

  1. Poster* – Target Public Audience, to rally Singaporeans to vote for online petition
  • Campaign Title: #SaveUbin #IHeartUbin #UbininOurHands #RescueUbin #ShrinkingUbin
  • Don’t Put Ubin’s Life on the Line. Save Ubin’s Shorelines Today.
  • You can save Ubin’s shorelines.mockup-01 mockup-02
  1. Campaign/Petition Shirt: Lifeguard Uniform (gifted to first 100 petitioners if we hit 500,000 people); and Crowdfunding to raise fund.

Mock Up of Breakwaters & Groynes at Northern Pulau Ubin

DV3008 VC 4 Issues breakwatersDV3008 VC 4 Issues groynes

In conclusion, it has been more than a year since the report about the risk of coastal erosion on Pulau Ubin was published,

but nothing seems to be progressing to mitigate the problem.

Hence we propose the crowdfunding to create awareness and raise funds to help tackle the issue and fund the possible solutions to preserve the biodiversity of the area.

For this issue, it is a race against time as more land gets depleted if nothing is being done to the area.


I am thankful for the discussion my class had afterwards as I was inspired by my friends and teacher to position our campaign to broader issue, such as the rising of global sea level. Hence, for whatever future Pulau Ubin will face, be it as commercialised island like Pulau Sentosa or as national park, we need to prevent Pulau Ubin from further damage as soon as possible.


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