Postcard: Data gathering


This is my postcard that encompasses my result of data gathering this week, inspired by:

Dear Data is a year-long, analog data drawing project
by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec.

I tracked my tissue usage of the week because.. I simply cannot live without tissue. Having suffered from sinus since young, I have always been using tissue all the time. However, I did not only track my tissue usage for wiping my nose (lol). I also tracked my usage after eating and doing toilet business.


Data gathering in my journal book


Postcard: front


Postcard: back (legend)

I like this project since I could make each day’s data visualisation different.

Reflecting on the process of data gathering, I became more aware of my tissue usage.. A day of bad flu could easily costed me 29 tissues (on Saturday, 19 March). Other than that, I would always try to limit my tissue usage for I felt bad for wasting 1 more sheet each time..

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