Assignment 3: Experimental Map



Think of a way in which you could develop an experimental map using images, sounds and stories. Some ideas… What else would we use if we didn’t use maps to find our sense of place? How would you map the sounds you hear every day? How would you map emotions? How would you map the overlooked peoples or places of Singapore?

To answer this question, I take inspiration from Kawara’s TODAY series.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.17.44 PM

How would I map places in Singapore by stories..

Maybe by making a video installation.

I would archive newspapers’ pieces with articles and photos related to the place. Related news on TV can be included as well.


Image source:

Imagine that names of places in Singapore are flashed before the viewer, like the example above.

Someone can randomly touch on one box, and the link will expand, and the explanation about the place will appear. More videos and pictures related to the place will be shown.