DR-NTU: b l o o m

b l o o m is designed to make urban gardening easy and enjoyable for children aged three years old and above, thus promoting an attitude to healthy eating and respect for where food comes from. The growing kit teaches children on the importance of responsibility and healthy eating by exposing them to the various kinds of easy-to-grow vegetables. The product hopes to erase the misconceptions of difficulty in setting up indoor gardening within a constraint space of homes and taking care of growing vegetables. The kit would be a fun and engaging learning activity for children and parents and eventually provides users with the ability to understand and make the right healthy fresh food choices, stay active and alert while leading a blooming lifestyle!
Raden Roro Octaviani Isabella Dristisari Idris
Date of Issue

I was thinking of making a project about healthy lifestyle because since young, I have been taught to eat healthily. It would be interesting to research on the different people’s take on eating healthy.