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What would it take from us to make Singapore a great city?

We have a vision for Singapore: a more gracious place. A more creative place. A more inspiring place. We believe that you too can start somewhere. And it is our sincere hope that we inspire you stand up for our Singapore too.

On 1st May 2016, they had an event in Little India to create a conversation between the locals and migrant workers. The migrant workers also got to write their thoughts on a piece of paper, and hang it on the wall.

Paying it Forward by Sandi Mann


About the Book

One woman’s experiment to understand how the power of giving without reward can change lives.

Random acts of kindness campaigns are increasingly popular as we look to kindness to strangers as a means to create a kinder and more caring society. For 14 days, Dr Sandi Mann, from the University of Central Lancashire, carried out her own ‘paying it forward’ challenge, handing out free chocolate, coffee, umbrellas and more in the hope that her generosity would inspire others to carry forward more random acts of kindness. The results surprised her.


Review by David Robson

Generous people are happier and healthier, yet acts of kindness are often met with suspicion and scorn.


Difficult to be Kind


After our first FYP Meeting on 12 August 2016, I had a lot of input to improve my FYP topic from Angeline and my friends. Previously, I thought of encouraging university students to be kind to others. However, the urge does not feel too urgent to be implemented on university setting. There is no real problem there. Moreover, the idea of making an app for people to indicate that they need help, could be misused easily by robbers, for example.

Hence, I needed to look at kindness from another angle. During the discussion, we felt that sometimes it is hard to help strangers. There are suspicion that this stranger might not have a good intention. We might be used, etc. On a larger context, this bad assumption also happen worldwide, especially in Europe where a lot of migrants, unknown people, come to the countries.

Therefore, I will look closer on this issue this week and come up with refined keywords for my further research.