Hero’s Journey of Dying light


Main Character: Kyle Crane


A freelance GRE (Global Relief Effort), is a humanitarian organization, with ties to the Ministry of Defence, operative Kyle Crane is inserted in the city of Harran. After landing, he is attacked by Tahir and two other bandits. He quickly dispatches them with his firearm, but is injured in the process and bitten by an infected, drawn by the gunshots. After being rescued by two runners, Jade Aldemir and Amir Ghoreyshi.


Crane wakes up and is introduced to Rahim Aldemir, Jade’s brother. Rahim then teaches Crane parkour and sends him to Spike , who gives him his first task as a resident of the tower.


Crane learns that the Tower, which seeks to help other survivors, is being harassed by a gang of bandits led by a warlord named Rais who steals and hoards the supplies from the GRE airdrops, including Antizin; a vaccine that suppresses symptoms of infection and slows down the process of turning. After Harris Brecken, leader of the tower is nearly killed by a rival runner in a mission to retrieve an Antizin drop, need for the drug becomes immense. Crane volunteers and manages to reach an airdrop containing Antizin, but despite the dire need of the vaccine by the survivors, Crane is instructed by the GRE to destroy the airdrop, instructing him to reach out to Rais in order to buy the vaccine and possibly confirm his identity. Crane reluctantly complies and informs the Tower that the supplies have been looted.


Upset, Brecken tasks Crane with the job of making a deal with Rais.  He carries out a series of unethical tasks for Rais under the assumption that he will be rewarded with two crates of Antizin. He later breaks off business with the GRE when they halt the supply drops and refuse to help the Tower.


In desperate hopes to find Antizin, Crane and Jade pull a raid on a supply storage facility run by Rais. They find no Antizin, but rather plastic explosives, which they choose to confiscate to prevent Rais from using them in the future. While doing an errand, Rahim tells Crane that he and Omar  were planning to bomb an infected nest with the explosives. Crane is opposed to this plan. After an argument over the radio, he gives chase to a fleeing Rahim. Upon catching up to him, he finds that Omar is dead, while Rahim has been wounded. He then executes Rahim’s plans. When he gets back to Rahim he discovers that he was had turned, forcing Crane to snap Rahim’s neck. When Crane returns to the tower to inform the news, Jade overhears them, takes off.


A scientist at the Tower named Dr. Imran Zere, who was attempting to develop a cure for the virus, is kidnapped by Rais, prompting Crane to attempt a rescue mission. Crane is also captured by Rais, who reveals that the file he stole contains proof that the GRE intends to weaponize the virus rather than develop a cure and releases the file to the public. Crane manages to escape. Dr. Zere is killed in the rescue attempt, but manages to tell Crane that he had entrusted his research to Jade, who is tasked with delivering it to another scientist named Dr. Allen Camden.


Jade is eventually captured and kidnapped by Rais, who uses her to lure Kyle into a confrontation against his forces in Old Town’s Museum. After fighting his way through Rais’s forces, Kyle find Jade severely weakened and infected, while the seizures from his own infection begin to kick in and cause him to slip in and out of consciousness. After killing Rais’ second-in-command, Tahir with his own machete, Crane delivers the tissue samples to Dr. Camden, who needs the rest of Dr. Zere’s data.


Crane then finds out that Rais has cut a deal with the GRE, in which he will hand over Dr. Zere’s research data to them in return for extraction from Harran. Crane then assaults Rais’ headquarters, filled with infected, and battles him atop a skyscraper, eventually stabbing Rais in the neck and throwing him off the building.


Crane recovers the research data and decides to turn it over to Dr. Camden instead of the GRE, intending to stay in Harran to help the survivors.

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