Teamlab, Future World show


An interactive art gallery which also encourage interaction with other users and is able cater for all the age group and genders.

Of all the 15 installations, one of my favourite is the Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders. A stunning installation, visual appealing art piece. This installation brought me to a garden in a fantasy world, where I was surrounded by flowers and butterflies with a sweet aroma. What captured my attention the most is the level of interaction. I recalled looking for the motion detector that was monitoring our action and location, which I could not locate it. In this gallery, every movement we made caused the flowers to bud, grow, blossom and eventually wither and disappeared. Similarly, the butterflies die whenever someone touches it, this simulates the relationship between the nature and human in the present world. The cycle of birth and death repeats itself, continuing for eternity. The entire work changes continuously. But the same state will never be repeated.

Another memorable piece is the Crystal Universe. An eye-opening experience, a dream come true, just like entering the space. With thousands of lights blinking, it was like walking through thousands of diamonds or a palace made of diamond. When we first see the rolls of LED light, I was overwhelmed by it, I felt blissful just by looking at it. There is 2 parts to this installation, first being in the rolls of LED lights and viewing them from a distance. Both ways gave me a very different experience and I enjoyed both experience equally. To experience this installation completely, one has to view it both ways. In the rolls of LED lights, it was like travelling in the space with the stars attracting to me. Discovering diamonds and more of these diamond charging towards me. The colours and intensity of the light changing for me. Viewing the piece outside as a whole, it was as good as watching a fireworks directly in front of me. The changing lighting represent a person life, a person going through different phrase of life and change when a person enter (into your life), which impact your life. The action of controlling the lighting is similar to a person controlling his own life with the pattern of his life changing by the people in his life.



Part 1

The aim of this project is to tackle the problem Singapore is facing now, such as aging population, climate change, economic restricting, changes to buyer’s behavior, land scarcity and urban population growth and pressures on public finances, which will hinder the growth of Singapore. By implementing this Smart Nation project, Singapore would be able to use technology as a tool to resolve these issues and at the same time, provides citizen a more pleasant environment to live in. Taking advantage of Internet of Things, the citizens are able to give feedback effectively. With the feedback, improvement can be done faster and create more possibilities for enterprise.

Smart Nation will benefits the senior citizen the most, however it will not affect this generation of Senior citizen but the next. Hence, long term wise, Gen Y will benefits the most, as we are used to technology and when the project succeeded, fully implemented and being accepted by the citizen and that will be when the Gen Y become a senior citizen.

Singapore’s life expectancy is one of the highest in the world. Its older population (age 60+) is projected to grow from 814,000 (15 per cent of population) in 2012 to 2,308,000 (38 per cent) by 2050.

Secondly, just within Asia, Japan, South Korea and China have implemented this project and have been seeing result. Hence Singapore will need to follow suit in order to keep up the pace, or it may hinder Singapore’s growth in the future.

Part 2

How can I contribute to Singapore if I am a …

Concept: Connecting 2 people from 2 different places through projection on bus stop’s advertising panel or MRT Station’s platform barrier. Through the projection, the 2 party will answer the question “How can I contribute to Singapore if I am a (the other party’s occupation)” The projection will project the other party dressing to represent their occupation.

Aim of this project: Through answering the question, we will be able to collect feedback from the citizen. As citizens are answering in a causal setting, feedback receive will be candid, limitless/without boundary/unrealistic. Though the feedback may be candid, it is very valuable as these are what the citizen wants.

Benefits: Publicity for Smart Nation and to collect candid feedback from citizen as data. Encourage interaction from other commuters.





When someone stand close to the bus stop’s advertising panel or MRT Station’s platform barrier, the program will prone people to start the activity by connecting it with their phone.








With 2 commuters connected, they will enter their occupation with their phone and the projection will project the opposite party’s dressing to simulate that they have change role while the glass still reflects their own face.




Next, “How can I contribute to Singapore if I am a (the other commuter’s occupation)” will surface on the panel, the commuters will then need to key in what they think by entering it into their phone. The other party will receive what the other commuter key in as while and that statement can act as a motivation for each other as it may be the reason why they chose the job or just for a good laugh. When there is no one to connect to, the program will project a random occupation like transport minister, education minister and etc. The feedback received will be filter and release as infographics and these data allow us to come out with more ideas for Smart Nation project.