Project 2 (Task 1A: Visual Research)


“A Walk with Hamlet and Jeongjo,” a tour that is part of the annual series of performances of traditional music in Seoul’s royal palaces, features a recitation of the Shakespearean tragedy “Hamlet.”


  • What is the poster communicating?

An arts event about Korean traditional culture in western context.

  • What emotions does the design elicit?

Fun, imaginary, modern yet tradition

  • What makes the poster captivating?

The poster/movement of the people, the flow of the illustration and they blend well together.

  • How did the poster generate visual interest and facilitate readability/legibility

The words of interest is always flowing with the illustration and kept simple, neat and bigger in size.

  • How do you feel about the approach and execution?

Smart way of keeping things simple and relevant yet the illustration are very detailed. By combining both real picture and illustration lots of different art style, which works very well with the idea of western and Korean tradition culture.


Other interesting event promotion posters:


Photo manipulation

Cute illustration

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Task 4: Project Presentation


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After the feedback session, feedback received are: clean up certain lines, simplify further, hidden image found in the facial features. surprised

In order to bring out the 2 people embracing each other, I have added extra curve lines to highlight their arms, but at the same time making sure it still look like a mouth.

Trying out the typefaceAfter receiving more comments, I have removed more redundant elements, reduced the number of colours, which bring out the energy, fun and the image of embracing.




Choice of the color scheme is based on the mood board which derive from “warm hug”.  The elements that are gathered in this mood board are sunshine / warm, caring, cheerful, fun / playful, energy, positivity and fresh.

Studies also show that the color yellow can increased mental activity, increased muscle energy. The color yellow helps activate the memory, encourage communication, enhance vision, build confidence, and stimulate the nervous system.  [1]

Black and whiteColored version

Task 3 : Colour exploration


9. Simplify and rounder

Translated sketch 9 to AI.

The swoosh is translated to various arts medium to give the artsy feel.  I picked the paint swoosh as it is ‘neater’ and more dynamic.
Trying out different expressionsSelected design 1


After receiving Michael’s comment, I realized the arms of the heart does not look like it’s arms, hence decided to add in fingers.  As the idea of ‘Art’ derive from paint swoosh, when the logo is black and white, I find it challenging to show the ‘Art’ of it, hence decided to add in paint stain on the character to show that it is working on art. And adding legs to represent ‘on the move’. To play around with the orientation of the swoosh, I first replaced the swoosh with paint splash. Which I find very messy and complicated.Then I replaced it with Abstract brush stroke. I like how dynamic the strokes are, but I find it very messy as well.

I go back to my first idea and added more strokes. Then I tried to imitate the abstract brush strokes and came up with this:

As the strokes make the whole logo complicated and they look more like the ‘badge’s background’ than the ‘logo’s background’, the strokes are kept within a smaller area, smaller than the heart.

After comparing it with and without legs, I have decided the one without legs is better.


Printed version:

Trying out different colour scheme before class. 

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Task 2 Translating and Exploring Design


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Main Concept: Warm Hug
Secondary concept: Energy

Using the first method:
For the literal images, I drew 3 hugging images and from there I chose the ‘hugging’ element and develop it further.

Using the second method:

Feedback: Need to be more simple, incorporate the element of Art. Relevance, Simplicity and Memorable

Hence I try to keep my logo as clean as possible and make it more artsy

  1. Proposed logo with ionic column. The shaft reminds me of the paint strokes

2. From sketch 1, the paint strokes go on top as a background. Nyan cat.3.  Paint strokes to geometry patterns


From the above sketches, I looked back at my previous sketches and try to incorporate it (Energy + Sun), so the logo is more energetic.




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