Project 2 (Task 2:Design Exploration)


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From the feedback received, I have changed the slogan to “The Happiness From Arts” , so it sound like the program is able find the patient’s happiness back.

2 Proposed layouts:


The symmetrical layout: The poster is differentiated with 2 sides, the left side is the side of life with Art and Health program which is presented with color and fun illustrations, another side is another side of life without Art and Health program which is darker and boring.

Asymmetrical layout: Emphasis on the fun side which is the side of life with Art and Health program.


Play around with the fonts, so that it can direct the way.

Play with the font so the image and the word are one.

Other feedback:

  • Character a bit scary
  • Character should potentially be a patient from Ng Teng Fong hospital. The race and the age of the patient.
  • Different side should have different clothes
  • Tagline should be bigger
  • Flow not strong enough

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