Project 3 (Next Task)


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From the feedback and mistakes made previously, I came up a new design:

  • Using Complementary color to color code the different pages.
  • (Orange page) Using matching illustration to fill up the empty page.
  • (Green page) Simplify the illustration (so it can be identity by the phone)  and provide visual cue as the page’s number.
  • Give a lot of bleeding to prevent misalignment



Border for the instruction

More issues:

Misalignment due to the thickness of paper

Messy layout

Weird imaginary

Bleeding issue and more misalignment

 Viewer cannot flip back the brochure accordingly.


  • Leading
  • Narrow margin
  • Remove unnecessary border to resolve the misalignment issue
  • Emphasis on the numbers
  • Shift the game’s instruction to it’s own page


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