Project 2 (Task 3: Design refinement & Mockup)


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Mock up 1: Attention from 1. the patient 2. (from the direction of the patient is looking at to) The slogan  3. Ng Teng Fong’s logo 4. (illustrations pointing downwards to) the program’s detail.

Mock up 2: Layout the words with the images. Illustrations pointing at the logo as well.

Mock up 3: With soft colours and lines to group the illustrations together.


  • Play around with the Font
  • Colours

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Project 2 (Task 2:Design Exploration)


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From the feedback received, I have changed the slogan to “The Happiness From Arts” , so it sound like the program is able find the patient’s happiness back.

2 Proposed layouts:


The symmetrical layout: The poster is differentiated with 2 sides, the left side is the side of life with Art and Health program which is presented with color and fun illustrations, another side is another side of life without Art and Health program which is darker and boring.

Asymmetrical layout: Emphasis on the fun side which is the side of life with Art and Health program.


Play around with the fonts, so that it can direct the way.

Play with the font so the image and the word are one.

Other feedback:

  • Character a bit scary
  • Character should potentially be a patient from Ng Teng Fong hospital. The race and the age of the patient.
  • Different side should have different clothes
  • Tagline should be bigger
  • Flow not strong enough

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Project 2 (Task 1B: Develop Slogan & Moodboard)


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My take on Art and Health program:

Art and Health program is targeted for patients who will be hospitalized for a long period for time, as short-term patients are usually rushed to discharge to not waste resources. Hence my take for the poster should be something the long-term patients can relate to, things that can be found in their surroundings, which is the hospital’s equipment. Reason is because, I want them to believe that whatever is shown in the poster is achievable with their conditions, and they will really be benefited by participating in the program and not something that seem unreachable with their conditions.

Another target audience of the poster are the visitors or the short-term patients that can potentially be the volunteers of the program. The idea is to gain their empathy from the condition of the long-term patient, show them how trapped the patients are feeling. The poster should give a different vibe from the other publicity materials to show the contrast of the life of the patients and a normal life.

Brainstorm map:


Sketches of my designs:

Chosen Slogan: Art Changes Life

Idea 1: A patient participating in Arts and Health program changing sad emoticons to happy emoticons. This show how Arts and Health program can change the life of a gloomy patient.


Idea 2: (Mixed media, Photography with digital illustrations) A patient lying on the hospital bed with fun illustrations around the patient. This show how Arts and Health program can change the low spirits place to a better (fun) place.

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Project 2 (Task 1A: Visual Research)


“A Walk with Hamlet and Jeongjo,” a tour that is part of the annual series of performances of traditional music in Seoul’s royal palaces, features a recitation of the Shakespearean tragedy “Hamlet.”


  • What is the poster communicating?

An arts event about Korean traditional culture in western context.

  • What emotions does the design elicit?

Fun, imaginary, modern yet tradition

  • What makes the poster captivating?

The poster/movement of the people, the flow of the illustration and they blend well together.

  • How did the poster generate visual interest and facilitate readability/legibility

The words of interest is always flowing with the illustration and kept simple, neat and bigger in size.

  • How do you feel about the approach and execution?

Smart way of keeping things simple and relevant yet the illustration are very detailed. By combining both real picture and illustration lots of different art style, which works very well with the idea of western and Korean tradition culture.


Other interesting event promotion posters:


Photo manipulation

Cute illustration

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