Week 02: research and direction

Going with the theme ‘illusion’, here are more visual references that represent bits of my ideas. I am currently looking at a possibility to create an enclosed area with several subjects moving on loop.

Artist Sena Oh made use of the door movement to create optical illusion with moiré effect. This gave me an idea to flash moving words onto the horizontally long nexus wall. Speed and direction of movement could be influenced by the viewer walking across the walkway maybe?

Considerations – overused of this effect will be uncomfortable for viewers to look at for a long time! Complimentary colours contrast too strongly to be shown on a big screen. Apart from slowing the speed of movement, use of harmonic colours can prevent dizziness while one is watching at a close distance.


Week 01 : research and mood board

Here are the multimedia inspiration I have found in relation to my past work!

 1 // Illusion 

One of my previous assignment was to build a reverse gravitational bridge. This is an exploration of the subject’s movement that works against the law of gravity. Illusional act can only be seen at the specific perspective.

Moiré effect was part of my research in building a portable screen from last semester’s module. It is a visual perception when a set of lines/dots superimposed onto another. A new ‘moving’ pattern is created.



Idea #01: To construct an illusional world that is constantly evolving. 





Methodology: Build rough composition on Illustrator, import into After Effect. Generating randomised command from Processor to alter lines independently/dependently. 

 2 // Nature Inspiration 

A more abstract approach is to emulate organic lines and shapes from nature, wood grains for instance. Since nexus wall locates along one of the busiest walkways in school, it would be a refreshing aesthetic contribution to the space






Idea #02: A visual composition that invites a mood with therapeutic calmness.


Methodology: macro videography of sculpture/object, process in After Effects.

More research will be done on the softwares/methodologies before working towards a more specific theme!

Research: Naoto Fukasawa

Graduated from Tama Art University in 1980, Fukasawa is an industrial designer from Japan. He works on furniture, home appliances and lifestyle accessories. His clients include Issey Miyake, Muji and Danese Milano.

With the minimal details, the products stand out for its body form. And I love Muji.

Muji home appliances
Muji home appliances
PlusMinusZero Steam Humidifier
PlusMinusZero Steam Humidifier
Hiroshima chair
Hiroshima chair