2D Project 1: Lines (FINAL)

Theses are my take on the 18 emotions using lines and dots.









bizzare-min lyrical-min




awkward-min  distracted-min  spontaneous-min


Systematic, ambiguous and turbulent are some of the more well-liked designs by my classmates. I shared the process of doing systematic and psychotic during the presentation since it’s more compelling to share my selection of uncommon medium.

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And here are some of my favourite ones by my classmates!

IMG_7621 IMG_7624IMG_7623 IMG_7620
Artists: (clockwise from top left) Grace, Li Ying, Shoki, Xin Hong


Studying with shapes, textures, scale and value has embedded me with a sense of courage to make use of anything and everything I see to create art. Tangible medium are used to craft intangible art, which takes on any forms moulded by our hands. Therefore it is essential for artists to explore and experiment with no limitations.

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2D Project 1: Lines (Process)

A line is a dot that went for a walk.

Dot is simple. Line is an extension of a dot. But what happens when emotions are implied into a dot?

Based on the Cambridge dictionary, here are the definitions of 18 emotions: 

To further explore the meaning of words, I grouped them together according to their characteristics while adding my personal descriptions. Definitions2

Draft 01

More adjectives are added during my first sketching. This helps me to recall personal experiences/objects relating to that particular emotion before transcending it into drawings.

Medium used: pencil, markers, charcoal stick

Artist research

Understanding these emotions based on word descriptions had me stuck onto one pictorial design on repetition. Hence, I went back to the featured artists that we previously researched on for more inspiration.

research01-minresearch02-minHere are some artworks that stand out to me. I identified their design principles before listing down related emotions. These directed me to imply principles, like contrast and emphasis, in my next round of ideation.

Draft 02

First attempt was rather conservative with minimal medium used. Also, there were too many repetition of shapes and patterns. I decided to move away from drawing with literal meanings while injecting more imaginative lines. New medium are introduced to create textures and add in some fun to the process.

Medium used: pencils, markers, charcoal stick, chinese ink, rubber cement, milk, strings



Second attempt was more exciting and easier to generate new designs. The following emotions have allowed me to explore lines with hands-on experiments.

Psychotic – milk and heat

FullSizeRender 7FullSizeRender 6FullSizeRender 5

Turbulent – charcoal and rubber cement

IMG_7662FullSizeRender 8IMG_7665

systematic – sewing



The finalised 18 designs were mounted upon completion. I choose to present them in A3 format for its height (60mm) that allows me to work comfortably at a wider scale, with a focal point in the centre.

IMG_7582 IMG_7583 IMG_7584 IMG_7587

(see final artwork here)