Month: September 2018

DF3009 Film Directing Assignment 1 – SCENE BREAKDOWN


For this assignment, I’m excited to share a scene from this film: The Breakfast Club (1985) by John Hughes
Click here to view the scene breakdown 🙂


The film starts off with a quote by David Bowie

and then shows cuts of B-roll –  to help establish the setting and gives audience an understanding of the situation in the story

and then the main characters arrive at the school.


This is what I’m going to discuss. 





In relation to the story

  • They are all very different, but also somehow similar
    • they are seemingly different but we can tell that there is something they have in common – we realise this, but what exactly is it, is to be unraveled later in the film


  • 5 different characters but we can tell that 1 stands out among them and he is going to be very special and different in the story


  • They represent 5 common stereotypes of teens/ students in the school setting
    • “the Jock, the Princess, the Brain, the Criminal and the Basket Case”



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