Jurong West

A place where NTU students and staff cannot be unfamiliar about.
We all know, NTU is somewhere in the Jurong West/ Pioneer.
What else do we know about this area around us?
Come with me to find out cool




Research Process: 


The first I did was to google search interesting things in Jurong West. After a long scroll… I discovered Jurong Hill! I was genuinely surprised to find out that there is a hill in Jurong West, and it has even welcomed a visit by Queen Elizabeth II.


After gaining a bit more knowledge through online research, I went to explore the different parts in Jurong West.
I visited Jurong Hill, Taman Jurong, Boon Lay avenue (where RVHS is currently located and its surroundings) – the popular and less known areas.



After being there at Jurong Hill, I was disappointed from its current deserted-ness.  Yet, the view was still amazing as I could really get a good view of the whole area, seeing the industrial, residential and nature. laughing A pity that it was pouring when I got there, so I couldn’t get good pictures.


Upon visit, I found out that Jurong Hill was a site of heritage valued by the town. Together with it, were many other placed spread around Jurong. I was puzzled by “60 stalls” and decided on a trip there.




I feel very welcomed by the strong presence of art around this area. Even at the shopping centre opposite.




However, these may not be strong interesting points.
As I sulked on the bus ride back to NTU, I discovered I passed by many many schools…

And River Valley High School got me thinking. 
Isn’t it located at River Valley?? So I went on to find out more.



And I realised why. 



Nature is mesmerising