3D II – WK 10 [Installation In-progress]

This project is a joint work by Sheryl and I!



The animals we decided to work on were Shark and Remora. They had a mutualistic symbiotic relationship. This means that both of them benefit from the way they interact with each other.

An avatar we worked out was: Shamora!

( infographic of shamora )



It is amazing how from adhesion, we could link it to magnetism in ferrofluid as the main force in our eventual work. From hooks and velcro, we turned to water bed inspired by natural fluid movements, and then coming across the idea of attraction and then following into magnetism! 

We agreed that it is very interesting to use magnets to depict the relationship of sharks and remora fish, as well as to symbolise their kinetic movements.



We started on the making of our work by first DIY-ing our own ferrofluid!!! And there was a very dangerous ingredient – acetone yell We were so scared we put on gloves, goggles, masks and we did it at a relatively safe outdoor environment.

Materials required:
Big non acetone-reactive bowl
Cassette tapes (we bought them on carousell 1 for $1 yay)


We first removed the rolls of tape.

One by one unrolling them into the big bowl.

Tada. We estimated we needed this amount of tape to be reacted with acetone.

Finally, we added acetone into the bowl carefully and cover it. We left it to react over the night.

Collecting the reacted ferroxide!

It is reactive!

Ironing and sealing of the PVC plastic!

Sealing works!


Check out our videos on the making of our work!

Making of ferrofluid:

——- Progress till 4 Apr ——–


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  1. Bravo girls! :). Can’t wait to see & test out your waterbed… As a precaution have some rags around just in case there’s any leakage… Didn’t see any image of the Shamora though? Is it uploaded already? Btw Candy do show me your final sound te turizer on Friday as well..  As I won’t be around thereafter.

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