In Project 1Curating Self, we were tasked to take a series of photographs to basically tell a story about ourselves and we would have to appear in our photographs…

wow that was certainly a challenge for me because I don’t usually take photographs of myself (so I’m not a good model) and it’s not going to be easy to direct your own photographs without you yourself behind the camera.

But with some help… TADA
here are my photographs for submission!

Task 1: Me


This is me! At work. I deliberately picked out this to be the first photo to introduce myself because it was rare shot of me in front of the camera looking candid haha. Also, as a photography enthusiast and events photographer, we were often behind the camera and hardly photographed of. So I thought this would be an apt photo describing me, and the work I’m passionate about 🙂


I enjoy viewing the scenery, especially during dusk. I love how the sky changes and transcends from a bright yellow sky colour to gradually a deep blue one. I like sitting near the waters, just enjoying the breeze and the little lights, and it’s precious I give time to myself just chilling and relaxing. I believe in appealing to emotions in photographs, and I think this photograph sends a slight sadness – a message of how I am. I think I appreciate sadness. We won’t be happy and blissful all the time, there will definitely be times you feel down, and that is the emotion which hits me the most and it is important that we learn to cope with unhappiness and move on from it.


Yet, though I like to spend time alone, I have very fortunately found someone special to keep by my side who loves me for who I am :’) And thank you for appearing in my life.

Task 2: Object and representation of self

For the second task, I have chosen my first and only DSLR camera as an object I feel very important to me. I first took up photography and videography as a CCA in primary school and learnt really elementary video and photography skills. It helped build up my foundation and interest, nonetheless. 🙂 Then, I continued pursuing my interest and passion in secondary school where I joined Infocomm Club and further exposed myself to media. In Sec 2 just 5 years ago, I got my baby Canon 60D!! It’s my first owned DSLR and thanks to this baby, I took up greater responsibility in my CCA. I learnt from my seniors, and as I gained experience, very quickly I took photographs for school and class events as a main photographer.

This is an immensely treasured opportunity in school to hone my photography skills and techniques and also build up my portfolio. And then finally getting to ADM to further study on film and photography laughing




Task 3: My World

The Hive. An icon of NTU. I’ve always liked to challenge myself to present alternative views of a familiar or popular place through different photographic angles.






Other photos for sharing

IMG_0121 IMG_0301

IMG_0166 copy IMG_0168

IMG_0275 IMG_0300

IMG_0139  IMG_9657


Now I see and feel THE HIVE differently because of the memories built with this guy over here :’) who helped me take some of my photos for submission.

Feel free to leave comments/ feedback laughing