90 still images

yourself sleeping in first and last image

tell a story


wow, I did it!

Brainstorming to storyboarding and filming, I finally realised my idea and delivered the final project piece!

And yes, it all begins with the most important step:




Story plotting is difficult, but the most crucial step and the key I would say, to a good piece of work. In my opinion, I need meaning in a film and a good plot is important to help you convey your meaning. Therefore, I am always willing to spend a lot of time to develop my ideas and to fine tune my ideas anytime in the production.




This was my initial brainstorming, but if you have experience in video-making, you should know that for most of the time, you cannot follow your ideas strictly as there is bound to be unknown factors that will twist and change your plot during production ad actual filming. Still, it is a step not to be missed. Planning includes your sounds and pace of the film as well 🙂


After finalising the plot, I quickly moved on to filming and then editing. And here you go, my final submission for 4D-02: Everyday


Working on this project, I have thought of what kind of style would I use to engage audience and to tell my story? Humour, sarcasm or fiction?


Then, I thought that I was lacking personal touch in my previous 4D project. So I decided to tell more about myself with this chance.



Honestly, my relationship with my family is not good at all. I am the middle child of my family, there have been issues. Everyday before I sleep, I have a habit of reflecting on my day, on my life and it has always bothered me that I feel I am a disappointment to my family, and especially my mother. She has given me a lot, sacrificed a lot, and I just wished I could let her know that I appreciate all of her actions and her love. She is my motivation to graduate Uni. This is a short story for her.


Also, I hope all of you don’t waste any more time like me just regretting and wishing you could go back in life to make things right, but do something about it today. Then you would finally sleep with a smile… 🙂