Improved edition of GAYO


The Making

To improve, I have to first identify the problems or weaknesses of the current model. After feedback from the class, I have finalised on a few points:

  • A lack of different materials to give layers in sound & visual
  • Too simple

I then worked on it, by drafting out new designs which eventually turned to a musical cube idea with stretchy ends! I am inspired by:

An Accordian

the mechanism of the accordian to trigger sounds! 

As for the cube, I planned to use materials of different densities/ opacity/ and abilities to reflect light. This would encapsulate many visual effects as well as sound difference. 

Materials picked:

  • Translucent hard plastic
  • Rose gold aluminium/copper paper
  • Square glass
  • Elastic strings
  • Soft wood of 2 thickness
  • Board