Finally it’s the submission for Proj 1 – MY LINE IS EMO !

It’s been a long 5 weeks working on this project, and making progress from mark-making and monoprint to digital alterations on our lines and to finally printing them out on D-DAY! laughing

Have been rather busy on working on projects, and thus lacking the time to document my process along the way on OSS. But I did not forget to take photographs while I was working so here’s some for sharing!!


First rough sketch upon tasked with Proj 1

Starting on my Visual Journal, I drafted out certain line works using pen and pencil:

EMO 2   EMO 3


After being exposed to monoprint, below are some of my experimental monoprint works!


The marks on the print was from torn cotton wool dipped in paint!

I thought the marks made from the torn cotton wool was rather pretty and could represent fluid and soft emotions.

2 001

The print was done by hand scratches, paper towels and pressure on the paper

^ I was thinking of “despair” and “exasperation” to be represented by scratch marks..

1 001

I made use of cotton wool and the scraping of the paper to create marks on the right

^ I thought of “disgust” when I did the scraping of the paper at the top right corner and thus those marks haha

3 001

I made use of the raffia string and different objects to apply pressure and create marks of different intensities

9 001

This was done by dabbing of the paint brush and drawing lines across using different tools

With the use of Photoshop, I was able to pick out amazing marks from the prints and play around with them to create my EMO LINES. I could pick out the designs and marks from different prints and then blend and merge them together to produce fresh and creative expressions smile Photoshop and monoprint is AMAZINGGGG.

Yet, I still wanted to do some hand-drawn/ handmade works apart from digital temptation. I was inspired by the first group’s presentation on DOTS

An infinite number of forms, with infinite variation, may evolve from a tiny little dot
It is also the beginning of graphic design

and I wanted to try to create an emotional line using just dots… 🙂


Dots of varying sizes to create both space and density on a strip of paper using 02 and 05 pens

It sure was tedious to use dots to fill up a 25.7cm by 6cm piece of paper, but it was FUN and I was quite pleased with my end product! tongue-out

Also, here’s my amateur mark-making progress and results:

I related emotions to the human body and thus I primarily thought of using different body parts to create very natural marks and then make patterns or exaggerate these distinct prints for a design


Using my very own hands, HANDS-ON!!

Hands can be use to create rough and smooth textures giving tough and soft emotions. I decided to use define prints and overlap them as seen in the photo below (the last print on the second paper)!


my thumbprints!


(top to bottom) Using hard brush, calligraphy brush and finger mark!

I also used toothbrush and bottle cap to create lines and patterns.

IMG_1874    IMG_1875

These are some of the beautiful patterns I’ve produced from these very simple household items laughing

6 001

The top 2 marks are made from the bottle cap!

7 001

The top one was from the toothbrush while the bottom was using lines!

The following is a scan of my lip marks HAHA. Trial and error you can tell tongue-out

LIP colour


LIP b&w

To Greyscale

Check out my next post for the final compositions!