Lesson 1 surprise.. We get chocolate treats!


  • smells like a creamy dark chocolate
  • tastes bitter
  • stings throat after swallowing, throat feels dry
  • spicy after-taste


  • smells like dark chocolate, smells less bitter than chocolate A
  • so wrong… it is so bitter
  • just a little cooling sensation towards the end
  • very very slight sweet after-taste


  • smells a mix of flavours, the least bitter of all
  • rough and uneven texture on one side, and the other side a smooth but thick layer
  • crispy (sound element)
  • tastes slight bitterness of the chocolate first, then sweet
  • which was soon overcome by the saltiness of potato chip
  • interesting contrast of TEXTURE, and TASTE
  • temperature different of cooler chocolate and warmer potato chip




After the sharing of all our items, the 2 below are my final choices:

img_3434   img_3432


Evoking pleasant memory: Medicated Oil
It is the familiar smell of love to me! When I was younger, my mother would use this medicated oil as remedy for many of my illnesses and discomfort. She would apply it on my stomach, and then rub her hands to create warmth and then apply pressure of my stomach. This made me feel much better, and I will always remember these instances from the smell of this medicated oil.


A slight unpleasant memory: Hairspray

When I was very young, school starts later while my parents would get up earlier for work. But I would very often be woken up by a distinct and ‘sharp’ smell… That is the smell and also sounds from my mother applying a lot of the hairspray. I didn’t like it as a child because the smell was far from fragrance and that disturbs me from my sleep ): Yet, as I recall this memory now, more about it that I feel would be nostalgia.




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  1. Candy chart out your Chocolate tasting experiences on a Journey Experience map like how I demonstrated in class. Take a look at how Yit Ling and Tisya has done theirs if unsure.

    YES!! the smell of Hairspray reminds me of when I had to take my ballet exams… my teacher used to spray tonnes of it on me to ensure my ‘chignon’ doesn’t come undone while pirouetting. I spotted my short hair cut after that to avoid being sprayed… haha.

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