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Don’t make me see red.

In popular media, different colours are used to represent different emotions and themes. Here are some examples:

Red: Generally used to represent anger and passion. One reason why love is sometimes interpreted as a rose is due to it being the colour red.

Closeup of a red rose.

Blue: I interpret blue as a colour that represents calmness and trust, the same emotions that I feel whenever I look at a blue ocean. It is also coincidentally my favourite colour. Go blue!


Green: The phrase “green with envy comes to mind. Exactly how I feel whenever someone gets more sleep than me.


But other than that, green is also known to induce feelings of harmony and growth. It is the same colour as nature, making it easy to look at.

Yellow: Seen as a colour that invokes feelings of optimism and joy.


Orange: While similar to yellow, it conveys slightly different emotions. While yellow depicts joy, orange depicts enthusiasm.


Purple: Often seen as a colour of royalty and extravagance.


Black: A very powerful and attention drawing colour; used to symbolise power and authority.


White: Like a blank canvas, it symbolises purity and innocence.

Blank paper and pen