Project 3 – The Library (Research)

During my initial research, I talked to some of the people in the ADM library to get their thoughts on what the library is used for. Among the people that use it just for studying or research, one particular person said that, “it was a sanctuary for her to rest and recharge.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.19.13 AM

Using the idea of the library as a place of safety and refuge was an interesting school of thought, and I knew I wanted an installation that would be fun and give the space within the library a new purpose.


My initial idea was to hang A2 sized portraits at a particularly black and hidden spot at the library, but in the end, I went with something more accessible and easy to spot. I also changed the name as “chasing clouds” implies something completely different.

IMG_2016-04-06 18:50:51