Time with HER

Time with HER
Installation video, drawings
120cm x 200cm x 120cm

The artist explores her relationship with her Grandma. The artist has been close to her grandma, who took care of her since young. However, they grew distant over time. In this work, she attempts to improve her relationship with her grandma by spending more time with her. The video depicts her grandma’s daily lifestyle with voice-over casual conversations between the artist and her grandma. Spending more time with her grandma, the artist finds herself making new discoveries about her grandma. She comes to know things that her grandma likes and what her grandma uses to do in the past. The installation consists of a video and a visual diary that records the time she spent with her grandma. Even though the artist is close to her grandma, she finds that she does not know much about her grandma as she was young then.