Typographic Portrait

Final Work

My name is Min Hui and i behave like a mouse.


I always leave half-eaten food behind, just like a mouse.

My name is Min Hui and I am a sweets traveler.


I have a sweet tooth and i would like to travel around the world to look at works of art. The child-like colours also depicts my child palate.

My name is Min Hui and I am a Chemistry Student.



I used to be a Science student and i really enjoy studying chemistry. In the composition, i morphed the symbols into my name. The images can be flipped over like a book, showing the different experiments of art methods associated with science.

My name is Min Hui and I need to gain weight.




Whenever, i visit my relatives on Chinese New Year, i am always told that i am too skinny and that i need to add more. Thus, my new year wish is to gain weight.

Here, i used collage of food images on transparency. The different layers of transparency suggests the idea of gaining weight. The black rectangle is the screen of he weighing scale.