Product Design IV // Week 9 + 10

Form exploration II
Fiona x Shanelle

This week we are expanding on a few factors from previously:

  • Module design and Attachment
  • Improvement on the frame form structure
  • Dimension of components
  • Module arrangement (WIP)

(1) Module design and Attachment development1(b) Module Details (Orthographic Drawing):

(2) Form Exploration

We explored on a few variations with focus on the transition from the head to tail.

We identified that structure development form (4) transition feels less like an abrupt transition than the rest and the transition spreads out evenly to the diminishing point. Hence, below is how we envisioned the structure (without the modules yet) to be placed in our proposed space: 

2(b) Frame Structure Details (Orthographic Drawing):

(3) Pattern Arrangement

We are still working out on the module arrangement of the modules. Working with paneling tool command in 3D rhino software to work out the arrangement of the modules such that it flow consistently along our frame structure.

To be updated!

Author: Fiona Lim

"Deep in the meadow, under the willow..."

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