Product Design IV // Week 11

Form exploration II
Fiona x Shanelle

Last week,

Feedback gathered last week:

  • Scales are way too small and doesn’t resemble how Pangolin scales are arranged. Scale it up and arrange it to look more like a Pangolin, not a fish.
  • Bench/tail area is way too flat, redesign it such that it has more volume.
  • Modules does not necessarily needs to vary in size/fully overlap, having a bit of gap is fine.

So this week we are looking at:

  • Refining the overall form of the pangolin (especially the seating area)
  • Scaling up the scales of the Pangolin to the right scale
  • Working on the hierarchical arrangement of the scales similar to a Pangolin’s
  • Redefining the size of the entire sculpture

Refining the overall form

The hierarchical arrangement (2d)

“The complex, hierarchical structure of Pangolin’s scale makes it hard for cracks to propagate after an impact.” 

Scales arrangement (3d)

Rendering with environment


Author: Fiona Lim

"Deep in the meadow, under the willow..."

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