Designers and design

Among the 5 designers, I find myself best identify or perhaps one of the industrial designer that I looked up to is Yves BéharI admired him for going beyond design as design itself, believing that design can be simply be beyond just for commercial aspect but also incite social change. By taking on socially minded design projects, at the same time taking human behaviors, usability and social connectedness as considerations into his design projects. As an industrial designer he also goes into details of branding and creating a identity where people could identify with apart from the design itself which is definitely something admirable.

“The work of a designer is really at the intersection of commerce and culture”. – Yves Béhar

Something that I firmly believes that design definitely has the potential to goes beyond, bridging gaps in our daily lives or perhaps even a tool used to communicate. I, myself enjoy working on lifestyle/social projects as well as it enables me to connect with people emotionally and at the same time learn more about them during the process which definitely builds on to my learning journey as a designer and I definitely would love to work on more of such projects in future. Hence, finding myself best identify with Yves Béhar.