Hello, my name is –

Hello, my name is Fiona –

Below are my name tags designed based on three different approaches. This task make me think beyond how we would usually introduce/promote our self as an individual which I find it really effective in pushing our ideas as it opens us up to more possible alternatives that are actually available for us to brainstorm, even for a normal introduction of oneself.

(1) Typographic

While designing, I realized that my typographic ideas were slowly becoming a logo as I tried to simplify my ideas which was later told by Professor that a logo can be a type too (Logotype). I begins to see images of items/animals in my design (Which I can associate myself with) which eventually leads to my finalize design.

Idealization sketches & test outs. The test-outs (playing with cuts etc.) makes me realized the power of inversions which can leads to many surprises. – f = A or even a icon of a pencil. ^
1 (1)
In motion. 😀
Click to identify the letters hidden.

I presented myself with a lowercase ‘f’ as it’s less rigid and showcases nice smooth curves and a vernier caliper look alike which can be linked with my characteristic, being diplomatic as well as my product design major. The ‘f’ was then further developed to provide a surprise element to the design. As you flipped the ‘f’ over, it will reveals 2 inverted ‘f’s which also means an ‘A’.(which I am quite surprised with when I was trying out.) Eventually an ‘i’ which is hidden among the inverted ‘f’s will surface. Last but not least …try looking at the design as a whole, you will soon discover …ME! (A lady with a smiley.)

(2) Abstract

While designing for this area, I jot down key points which describes me. – Simply being: (1) Distracted easily. (2) Having lots of things going on in my head. (3) Likes to try, as I think that most things can be resolved in some way. Without trying, you will never know. (4) Quirky ideas at times.


Following the keywords, I illustrated a quirky illustration of a ‘brain‘ with wavy strokes and filled it with colored strokes in 3 different colors to illustrate the varieties of things happening at once. – Whereby red symbolizes energy, yellow symbolizes positive and optimistic and lastly, blue symbolizes faith. Some colored strokes was purposely drew out of the brain to communicate the idea of ‘trying’ and overcoming barriers.

(3) Conceptual

While designing for this area, I decided to explore on flexibility (Something stretchable) , adaptable (Transformation?) and laziness (wobbly)  which eventually leads me to having the idea of doing paper folds!

FullSizeRender (7)
Idealization sketches & test outs.
FullSizeRender (6)
Test out – folds.
In motion. :D
In motion. 😀

Following the keywords, I illustrated a illustration of me with changeable pair of legs which is supposed to be folded up like steps. This magical pair of legs switches from sitting to standing posture. It also changes in length which changes my character’s height which showcases adaptability and flexibility. Brown grain paper was used to symbolizes my personality as an individual as well.

Lastly, this is a really fun activity though it’s really difficult during the first few hours of the idealization but it was really refreshing in terms of the approach!