Process studies and Assignment 1 & 2

Assignment 1  Sketches Final For this assignment, originally I thought I could just fake a space by just inserting random shape. But through sketching and exploring I realised there still need to be a certain pattern to follow to make the composition make sense (like keeping the shadow in similar direction). The final drawings turns out to be quite flat… Read more →

Typographic portrait development

More development from last week’s progress. I was thinking of creating compositions based purely on animals. And I was planning to have one general thing that bind the 6 composition together, for example footprint. After knowing that the number of composition have been cut from 6 to 4, I did some sketches on how the compositions are going to be… Read more →

4D Idea for an animation short: Cat

Plot The whole story will revolve around a cat Referring to the cat as innocence and child-like, something the adult have lost during the process of growing up Character The cat: story focused on it’s daily activities playing and exploring Its owner: Working adult, busy, neglecting his surrounding Character design I came up with various form for the cat, and if this… Read more →

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