Month: September 2015

Principle of Design

Principles of Design Principle of Balance The state of equal relationship; the sense of stability when weight is distributed equally on either side of a vertical axis; a pleasing arrangement of parts in a whole. There are different kinds of balance: Symmetrical balance wherein each side is the mirror-image of the other Asymmetrical balance wherein there is a sense of balance achieved… Read more →

Nan Goldin

Biography American Photographer Born September 12, 1953(age 61) First introduced to photography at the age of fifteen. Nan cared more for honest photography rather than just ‘good’ photography After publishing her The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, Nan fell deep into drug abuse After recovery, photography became her main way of self expression Exhibits from The Other Side An exhibit inspired… Read more →


List of materials used for creating the lines (from top left) Salt Water Square foam Micron 0.1 and 0.05 Uni-ball Signo 0.38 black Waterbrush Chinese Ink Tissue paper Conte A Paris Pierre Noire B Compressed charcoal Willow Charcoal   Materials tried but not used in final work Watercolour Gouache Pencils Circle stamp   Definitions of the emotions Initial draft done… Read more →


4 x A3 Black board with 18 emotion strips each measuring 257mm by 60mm     Anxious (Black pen on drawing paper) Anxious feels like a feeling of worry and nervous. The feeling of not being able to calm down, and thus short lines are used to form circles of various sizes to show the feeling of unease and uncomfortable… Read more →

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