Month: October 2015


In this sequence of image I wish to convey a dreamy feeling through the movement of space. It is viewed from my own perspective seeing my own self in the dream, and there is a change of space from the three dimensional world to the two dimensional world, signifying that I am in a dream.This is to shows how irregular… Read more →

Colours and Emotion

Different colours have very different meaning, and even different shades of a colour may mean totally different thing.  RED. Physical Positive: Physical courage, strength, warmth, energy, basic survival, ‘fight or flight’, stimulation, masculinity, excitement. Negative: Defiance, aggression, visual impact, strain. BLUE. Intellectual. Positive: Intelligence, communication, trust, efficiency, serenity, duty, logic, coolness, reflection, calm. Negative: Coldness, aloofness, lack of emotion, unfriendliness. YELLOW. Emotional Positive:… Read more →


The old women who lived in a shoe The components used in this compositions are cat profile, ring, candy cane and shoe. The cat is used to represent the old women as women are often referred to as cats. The focus is on the cat’s eye which attract the audience’s attention. The ring is being used as a halo to… Read more →

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