4D Ideas

All ideas would be primarily based on animation

Idea 1

A story based on an animal/object, from the point of view of the object.

Different set of mind set from humans. Different interpretation on the same issue.

Reference: Ikea lamp , Neko no Shuukai, She and her cat, Futurestates Plastic Bag


Daily life of a cat

Protagonist – The Cat

Example of a scene, a cat playing with a plastic bag, human’s point of view “the cat’s playing with the bag”, cat’s point of view “I am fighting with a monster”,etc

How is it interesting? I thought it would be fun to explore on the thoughts of other things which is not restricted by human’s social convention.

Idea 2

Storytelling based on a music clip or poem.

Inferring story or create a story based on it.


William Wordsworth’s poem “We are Seven”

It’s a poem about how a little girl who believes that her dead brother and sister is still around compared to the adult talking to her who believe that once they’re dead they’re gone.

I thought it would be interesting to see how children and adult see things in a different way, and that how hard it is for children to understand death.

Idea 3

A visual based animation about the exploration and discovery of colours.

Reference: Out of sight (animation)

The scene would start off black and white with the protagonist getting out of his house. Where he would then face difficulties and trouble on his adventure. Originally everything would be scary and unknown. Then as he slowly discover different colours on his adventure the true form of the things he originally see starts to be uncovered.

I would love to go for a very visual approach and I think it would be interesting to slowly uncover and change the perspective of things.

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