Typographic portrait development

More development from last week’s progress.

I was thinking of creating compositions based purely on animals. And I was planning to have one general thing that bind the 6 composition together, for example footprint.

After knowing that the number of composition have been cut from 6 to 4, I did some sketches on how the compositions are going to be arranged.



At first I was going for the approach of deciding the theme and general arrangement of the compositions and then I will try to fit in my attributes. And I thought of revolving the composition about animals on land,sea, air and humans. The compositions would include how humans have affected the earth and include ideas about pollution and damages human have done to the earth.


However after consultation, I spent some time brainstorming, and decided that it was too much to include in one composition, and I faced some difficulties fitting my attributes into the composition. So I decided to go with another approach. Something more relevant and nearby.



I first came up with the few attributes,the 4 attribute that I have picked are Night owl, Lazy, Nonprominent, and Stone. And then from there I develop what I am going to include in the composition.

For style I am going for a pixelated image style with reference from 1041uuu on tumblr.

tumblr_nm6j1ghB7C1qze3hdo1_500gif by 1041uuu

And below are some drafts that I have come up with


Night owl









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